The SBNA introduces students to what a nursing career consists of. We do this by informing high school and college students of the requirements for acceptance into nursing programs, and provideing information about the importance of nursing and health care regarding the communities’ well- being.

The ultimate goal is to recruit students into the nursing or health care profession. By doing this the student is able to secure a career that may provide them with the financial wherewithal to be comfortable while providing a service so detrimental to the community’s well- being.

Nursing is a great career to be of service to the community. It’s a way to pay forward the struggle and sacrifice of our elders, who paved the road for us to travel. The SBNA provides monetary scholarship to those who meet the criteria:

  • Enrolled in an accredited nursing school or program
  • 500-word typed essay
  • Transcript from your nursing school or program
  • Letter of recommendation

See application for specific details.

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For the professional nurse or health care worker, the SBNA understands there should be a vehicle for professional development through:

  • Conferences
  • Publications and
  • Workshop participation

Because such information can be hard to come by on an individual basis, SBNA provides that support by staying engaged with other professional nurses and health care organizations. And when information on events and publications become available, SBNA shares it with its membership.

The SBNA encourages its professional membership to serve as mentors to students and to facilitate the many health fairs and screenings that SBNA is involved in. The objective here is to provide the perfect relationship where the public actually sees what nurses and health care workers do.

Join SBNA to assist in carrying out the mission of supporting the community!

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